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The oil and gas industry as well as the chemical, petrochemical and power plant industry are highly responsible for modern achievements like electricity, medications or simply the fact we are able to heat our homes. The critical infrastructure in these industries requires modern solutions to guarantee high reliability e.g. in pipelines. AVAMO actuators are able to match these requirements. Our actuators can be used in the harshest environments and deliver constant performance no matter the challenges.

The AVAMO actuator series offer competent solutions based on decades of experience. Combined with state of the art production methods and modern machinery we are able to build just the actuator you need. No matter if it’s one-off-a-kind or you require mass production.

About our products

AVAMO actuators are simple in design, easy to manufacture and therefore cost efficient and durable. We offer a wide range of actuators, such as Scotch-Yoke-, Linear-, Compact- or Electric-Actuators. We deliver solutions for both rotary and linear valves, including modulating- or on/off-applications. The adaptable design of our products makes it easy to adjust to your specific applications while simultaneously stying inside your budget.

Depending on your needs the actuator can be driven by air, gas or oil cylinder and is either available as a single- or double acting version. We also fit a spring inside the cylinder for emergency-shut-down-applications if necessary. This creates either a fail-close or fail-open configuration.

Engineering, Production, Assembly, Approval – Everything inhouse!


Build from scratch


Complex parts

From one-off customized solutions to automated batch production.

Modern Machines

State of the art machinery on 4000m²

Production of cylinder tube

Cylinder diameter up to 1600mm - ready to face any challenge

Finished scotch-yoke-actuators

One by one, approved and wrapped!

CEO Frank Stallkamp presents the finished product

Quality made in Germany